About The Full Stack

Hello, I’m Dor Tzur and I’m the guy writing most of the articles on this site. My goal is to provide you with useful, to-the-point insights on web development and being a web developer in our crazy, rapidly changing world.

Being a full stack web developers is both extremely rewarding and extremely challenging at the same time. Gaining the right knowledge, attitudes and abilities is key to your success.

There’s a lot more to web development than having a solid understanding of JavaScript.

JavaScript is the foundation of everything we’ll discuss here, it’s literally the language we all speak. But once you’re a fluent JavaScript speaker the journey is not over, it has just began.

This site is a journey which starts where all the JavaScript books end, I hope you’ll join me as we explore together the many different aspects of JavaScript development.

Uncovering what it means to become an exceptional full stack JavaScript developer, one article at a time.